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Cocoa, Oatmeal and Banana, Moisturizing Clay Mask

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This delicious combination of Raw Organic Cocoa Powder and Natural Bananas creates an intensively moisturizing mousse will leave your skin soft and hydrated.     

Who is this for: 

  • for all skin types. 
  • works well for those with dry and irritated skin.  
  • anti-aging 


Why we love this mask: 

  • the Banana extract is great for dry skin.  
  • Raw organic Cocoa powder helps to keep your skin looking youthful due to the high anti-oxidant properties.  
  • Colloidal Oatmeal is great for soothing irritated, weathered and damaged skin

How to use: 

Prior to full use, please perform a patch test.  Apply a small amount to your skin.  Wait for 24 hours.  Discontinue if you experience irritation.   

Mix one tablespoon of clay with water to make a paste.  Apply the paste to your face and rub in an upward circular motion.  you can rinse off immediately or leave till it dry.  Rinse off well.  You can follow with a toner, then moisturize as usual. 

    Full Ingredients: 

    Kaolin Clay, Banana Fruit Powder, Raw Organic Cocoa Powder, Colloidal Oatmeal, Avocado Oil, Marshmallow Root Powder.   




    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

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    Soothing and smoothing!

    I love this clay mask. Use a little bowl to mix it into a smooth and even paste. It dries quickly and evenly and leaves my skin feeling refreshed.

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